Welcome to my world! The entire universe is inspiring for me. Usually I create based on high vibrations. There is a particle in me and my quantum charge in everything I do. Regardless of whether I have a brush, camera or, for example, a soldering iron in my hand, I always feel after finishing work that something extraordinary has happened inside me and this feeling is addictive… – Mag Blue

Photography – order a photo session

Artistic photography:

  • portrait
  • boudoir
  • nude
  • nature

Commercial photography:

  • fashion
  • architecture & interiors
  • product
  • business portrait



MAG BLUE – in brief 1/ MAG BLUE – in brief2/ PRIZES AND AWARDS3/ ARTISTIC PROJECTS4/ CHARITY ACTIVITIES CHARITY ACTIVITIES 2023 December 9, 2023 – Charity Art Expo, Stockholm, Sweden, Partner of event. August 20, 2023 – SOMMAR I KONSTPENSELN MINI & OPEN CALL 2023 – Co-organizer of the event and organizer of Open Call …